Blossoms Loop Body Lotion


Blossoms Loop Body Lotion

The Balm finely selected patchouli, honey twist fragranced oil along with our formula containing active oats provides your skin with a softer, non-greasy, smoother, and healthier look. Gentle enough for daily use.

Body Lotion:

Very suitable for oily, complex skin and non-dry body
Very suitable for moisturizing the body and skin during the day as it is a fast absorbent
Our BALM body lotion is not like any other lotion, it is specially formulated of active Oats mixed with fragranced oils that give you a softer, smoother and non-greasy feeling to your skin that lasts for long hours.
Scrub won’t only elevate your mood, but also removes dead skin and leave it undeniably moisturized and smooth

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