Bohemian Sport Scrub


Bohemian Sport Scrub

A natural mixture that grants you the maximum results of a high degree of skin hydration and long-lasting freshness, leaving your skin smooth and silky.

Raw sugar and finely selected pure oils extract to help revive your skin along with fresh fragrance oil leaving your skin. Moisturized along with the pleasant get brighter and smoother skin.

Our scrub will give you the smoothest, silkiest skin you’ve ever had

A woman’s body should be pampered every once in a while by getting a warm bubble bath,
Meanwhile Don’t forget to use BALM Sugar Scrub, as it will give your skin extreme softness and silkiness.
Blossoms Loop Scrub! Pair it with the same lovely smell Body lotion ❤️
This Sugar Scrub won’t only elevate your mood, but also removes dead skin and leave it undeniably moisturized and smooth!!
Infused with our mix of pure oils

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