Bohemian Sport Hair Serum


Bohemian Sports Hair Serum

Our unique combination of rich oils will help repair your damaged hair. Protect hair against heat and breakage. Keep your hair moisturized and control the frizz. This extraordinary oil mix will provide incredible nourishment without weighing your hair down. Leaving your hair with a pleasant fragrance. Suitable for all hair types

Using a hair serum is important to protect your hair from air pollution and environmental factors, in general, such as wind, sun rays, rain, and various contaminants that lead to damaging the hair, and causing dehydration, which also makes a possibility of bad infections.
Using the serum regularly will make the hair greasy and attractive, so depending on the length of your hair, you should put a few drops in your hands and layers along with the hair.

Serum Directions:

Spray over damp or dry hair, comb the hair thoroughly, and style as usual.

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